The Heights

The Heights by Juliet BellThe Heights is a modern retelling of the story of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, set in a northern mining town from the Winter of Discontent, through the Thatcher era, and the years leading up to the global financial crisis.

In 2008, the unexplained death of a teenage boy brings DCI Nelson Lockwood back to the former mining town of Gimmerton, where he is caught up in a decades-old story of obsession and tragedy. Set against the backdrop of the miners’ strike and the decline of a once proud pit community, The Heights explores the destructive power of obsession: Heathcliff’s obsession with Cathy, Cathy’s obsession with status and wealth, and Lockwood’s obsession with a moment from the past – and how the ghosts of those obsessions echo through the generations.

The Heights is released on January 3rd. Pre-order it via these links on Amazon and Kobo.

Juliet Bell

Juliet Bell is the collaborative pen name of authors Janet Gover and Alison May.

Juliet was born at a writers’ conference, with a chance remark about heroes who are far from heroic and shares Alison and Janet’s preoccupation with misunderstood classic fiction, and stories that explore the darker side of relationships.

Alison also writes commercial women’s fiction and romantic comedies and can be found at

Janet writes contemporary romantic adventures mostly set in outback Australia and can be found at

Juliet Bell is represented by MBA Literary’s Julia Silk.